I have been an enthusiastic photographer since 2004. It is wonderful to wander in nature on a beautiful day. I then completely relax.

My interests first lay in macro photography. There are so many beautiful details that you normally do not see, this really appealed to me. When I was a small child I was fascinated by insects. With macro they look even more wonderful.

Last year I started with astrophotography. Now I could combine two hobbies: astronomy and photography. Using my Nikon AF-I 300mm f/2.8 lens along with an iOptron Skyguider Pro tracking system. With this you can eliminate the rotation of the earth, and realize slow shutter speed.

For wildlife i use my old Nikon AF-I 300mm f/2.8 lens. Razor sharp and great brightness. This lens is a bit older and heavier than the latest versions with VR, but there is almost no difference in quality. I don’t mind working with a tripod because of the weight. This lens is built like a tank. I bought this one on Ebay. If you are lucky you can find one very cheap.

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I’ve always been a Nikon user. A solid top product. It has brought me so much perfection.